tel. (210) 9886187-92
fax (210) 9885392

The parking is located in 83, Philonos str and 82, Notara str in Piraeus.
The plot is 331,84m2 with entrances both from Philonos str and Notara str.
The building consists of 11 above ground floors and 1 basement. Its overall structure is 2.592,75m2 and its building license was issued in 2004. Its operation began on February 2006. The parking station is build according to all specifications required by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It is equipped with a complete fire detection and fire extinguishing systems as well as a power generator. All floors are monitored by surveillance cameras which are connected to and controlled by the computer on the reception desk.
The basement floor is a fully equipped car wash.
The capacity of the station is 105 cars.
Opening hours:     Monday-Friday: 07.00-22.00
                           Saturdays:        08.00-16.00
                           Sundays:           closed
Employees:           5 car park attendants
                           1 receptionist